Friday, May 20, 2011

supervisor called.

today, fatin made for me a cup of nescafe.then, i fall slept around 5 am.grrrrr..

and..and...and..for my morning,i got a call.*sexy,naughty,bitch ringtone by philipine's singer*

hey aieen.would you come to my room?*spinning.dizzy*

ha? *saw my red nokia.demmmmm...PROF RAZAK called*

it's already 930am.when you may come to my room?are you still on your dreams?sleeping?

nop.i already got up from my bed.* diameter of my eyes ball become bigger*

come to meeting 10 am.perhaps.

ok sir.i'll inform to fatin too!

fatin!!!wake up!wake up!prof razak called.he want meet us by!

ok.this morning i'll become disaster.huhuhuhuhu.i'm not sleeping well while my supervisor want to meet us.alhamdulillah.yesterday,me and fatin completed our pilot test in's not easy as i wish.come on la.come's only about pilot so nervous okayyyyyy

on the hand, a respondent was so funny.he asked too much questions and,i wanna be to kill himself.may i?hahaa

next person,so damn funny....because,he answered my questionnaire with emotions.feels like he answered them in a hall was took too much my time.haiyoooooo

alhamdulillah..everything's gonna be fine. me me to be least, next week.please,allah.pleaseeee..


purple.sk4 said...

uiii leh plak ade respondent byk tye ..aduii..riso lak ak...da la ak kt kL sorg2 kot..hu3!!

aieen kacak said...

haha.aku dah rasa lega sikittttt sbb dah buat pilot test.huhu