Monday, November 21, 2011

appreciate friends

on the weekend,i received new news.i feel like.....urrghhhhhhhhh.WTH. if you live in community then blaming to others, who will cares about you.dont treat people like a s**t if you not treating you like that but you forced me to that.

i dont hate you but you make people around hating you.what do you expect from people?owh come nice then i will nice to you not hypocrite but once you did something,its hard to forget.

you never say sorry in the friendship.then,you want people say so?friends a precious things in the world cant find the bestfriends in the fake faces or in poker faces.dont be selfish.every single thing you cant blaming friends.

let me say this:

aku tahu apa yang kau burukkan pasal orang lain.menyalahkan orang lain.sibuk bercerita pasal orang lain.tak menghargai orang lain.

who are hating you? come? *sigh*

then,somebody like a reporter and spread the s**t rumors.haish.what else girls can do?

friends is all about sacrifice.i may do everything to those friends.

*wipe tears*

you cant realize that.


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