Monday, January 2, 2012

entry terakhir untuk peperiksaan terakhir pada waktu terakhir

malas betul nak study.2 tajuk tak cover lagi.nota-nota sentiasa dalam genggaman tapi celah mana nak baca?celah mana?muntah tengok setiap huruf terpampang di kertas putih

rasa macam nak tidur dulu la.mengantuk sangat rasanya.

jejaka warned me for my first and last paper for tomorrow.iyah.i got only one paper to participate in but fool because i dont have any passion to read about *sigh*

abah and angah also called me.give me some advice.but..but...*sigh*

okeyh.take my nap for while.till later meet you ya.pray for me last paper for my last semester.

to friends, good luck for you.dont let yourself worries ya.exam is all about passes in subjects.if you've got A, it's your effort and doa :)

to classmates, we're in final semester your best and killed that kill Prof Akhbar ya.he's always give us gossips break :)

i will missing exam hall.i will missing to find the answers by looking friend's paper but normally i failed to copy that answer!mungkin sebab leher pendek :(( i will missing  hands getting wet and my forehead getting sweats.i will missing how i close my eyes harsh and try to scan my answer in mind.owh..i will missing them.wont you?kalau tak,kamu melepaskan sisa-sisa hidup sebagai pelajar universiti :)

gambar membunuh?alar..jangan la.ini gambar ala-ala maya karin ni.ombak rindu rindu rindu rindu rasanya.muahahahaha *amboi.gatal lain macam*

till later.moh la kita study.kbai.

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Bihaa said...

ain, very good luck for exam..kena bersiap sedia dari segi physically and mentally.. chaiyok!