Monday, February 20, 2012

blue rose

alhamdulillah.i got a full blast day for this weekend.yesterday,went to first trip for internship purpose.supposedly fun with kak too much experiences and learn new thing about *small business*.postponed the entry first :")

boss said,we'll be going to penang around the part in expo and visit factories :)

and of course,a little story about my bestie.ikhwan :") later on too ya

1st,thank you to encik jejaka for a surprise.a blue rose.yes.A.not a bulk of roses.however, im so appreciated for the flower which i love that most.for long time,nobody sent me out a flower but today i got it!a big smile and big laugh for today.jejaka,you made my day.*segan-segan nak ambil bunga.*

we went to mid plans.we just met and decided to go there.unfortunately,there had an IT fair.the prices that they are offered were incredibly huge different among the market prices.jejaka bought new MP3 for RM 25 cash.a pendrive for 16G only RM16.owh come on dudes.dont call that crazy.that was too insane!too many people and i started got dizzy.ehem.i chose the colour of that MP3.ehem.ehem.ehem.silver.i hope he likes that too.listening songs while remembering me.cewaaaahhhhh.*konon shuweeetttt la tu* but,i more interested in searching the best price for pinky samsung got problem.not functioning as well :"(

mid valley was my playground when im in secondary school.meeting,dating,busy-ing,cinema-ing,bowling,walking.obviously,im getting bored over there.come changed.the place so typical and it's no fun for me.i just asked jejaka for accompanied me for somewhere else.a place that i really missed for. CENTRAL MARKET.since he was born in klang,he supposedly rarely going to KL area and of course he didnt expert in all the way in KL.and me,hate Shah Alam as well.too much roundabouts and i hate being there :")

done with our Asar, searched a bag for jejaka.CENTRAL MARKET.a place that too much memories i cant, classes in Kasturi, buses, mcD,keropok lekor,popular branches,toilets,stalls,street and keychains.haha.yes.6 years ago,i was there with im realized,i grown up and i left my student life since primary,secondary, mouth cant stop told jejaka about my past.where i went,where i studied.gosh.i missed my past.and he learnt new thing about me again :") 

jejaka wants to go there for second time.he interested to CENTRAL MARKET.a place i was play with in past too :")) insyaALLAH.

hectic weekend.goodnight peeps!

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