Friday, May 18, 2012

take me to her please :(


i cried just now.not for stupid things but a little depressed.i want go to aju's house.promised to her.i asked for parents' permission since monday.last few days, mak aloha and abah salleh nodded.something like 50-50 permission.after maghrib,while preparing my stuffs to aju's house,my mom said NO.felt wanna cry.redha allah terletak pada redha ibu bapanya kan?so i shut my mouth  :)

since this monday,nobody let me go to her house.well said,dangerous.felda site and full with palm trees.hurmm.i told jejaka and ibu and they said NO too.unfortunately,i want it too.i miss aju.i miss her.i miss everything about us :"((  i asked nana and zila so excited.but,new thing(s) happen to me again.i kept it secret.only me and kak raudzah knows.act,my fault.i admit.but,the text was hurt me a still fine.

while this entry is typing,jejaka go to sabak bernam.met his friends betul jumpa kawan-kawan kan?jealous!

i miss my friends.i want meet wani on june,zila and aju.hurm.sad :(

next week,ill go to port dickson.seminar by GMP's the beach resort for 4 days 3 nights with kak raudzah.alhamdulillah.while practical-ing,i got some advantages.going outside.excited?dont know.sometimes i felt weak while people surrounding make us dizzy.but me and kak raudzah did it well.surely,me and her shares everything and we cheered our day with full of gossips.kehkehkeh.what i could do without kak raudzah?i dont know.i need her.for sure she need me too.hahaha.

too much work to do.paper work,quotations and for today,we made new baby product again.stevia carbonated drinks.i calculated and kak raudzah helped me a lot.i dont know where's citric acid,sodium benzoate or whatsoeverlah.phewwww..

this week is mother's day.

for this week,jejaka gave me these.ehem.he bought a watch and of course we had a perfect same watch.alolololo...terharu :)

can you take me to aju please?i want hug her.i miss her a lot.i miss my friends :((

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