Monday, December 31, 2012


Im online using my phone.crtically thinking about my my head.there is something.that I cant tell you guys.inside conflict.zzzzzzz..

I know what I want in a cant depending on others. a life,sayang is feelings.a sincere and with full heart and you will feels cant call anybody sayang when you have your partner in your cant do dat.though,you have to appreciate things that you can touch and remember.maybe in terms of memories.

Your past is life,i hate memories much.either bad or happy memories,we cant go to that situation cant ask doraemon to give you his machine.but,we can create a memory.a memory that you want to keep.for me,keep inside.not in will harm you.

Sometimes,i feels im so lucky.allah give me chances to live.for my wrongdoing.sigh.

Dalam hidup kita mesti perlukan keberkatan.i mean keberkatan mak.dan untuk sekarang,saya perlukan restu mak untuk buat saya hidup dan bernyawa dalam iman yang ciput.

I knew..tekanan dalam hidup.bila kamu tidak suka sesuatu keadaan,kamu sangat berharap keadaan pulih.tapi sebenarnya kamu tahu keadaan tak akan pulih sampai bila-bila.

Saya hidup di dunia hanya tahu mengalah.beralah demi orang lain.

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