Saturday, May 11, 2013

1 year 7 months

To my dearest man

Thank you for more than 1 and half year.sounds like too short but we have been go through miles away.thanks a lot.the best moment is,you can accept my past life.Allah knows well and THE GREATEST given me a chance living with full of love at this moment.

Dear you...

When somebody hurt me by his words,you stay behind me first.then,you stayed in front of me and and protected me.which is i am totally not asking that kind of any protection.

Nobody can hurt you from today.

That is the best moment.

Dear you..

Everyday,yeaterday,tomorrow and now on..after prayer,i make wishes and doa.hope...the love between us that I have today,will be endless.

I want to be your halal as your wish too :-)  but..i do respect you because you took steps and slowly come into my family.


Dear you..

Age,years just a number.but...i do more comfortable with you.

When im sick
When im hurt
When im lost

You stay beside always there.

Dear you..

Thank you.everynight you stay awake and you let me sleep want accompanied me and ensure me have a wonderful night and we talk our day together :-)

And then...i sleep and left you and get into my dream :-)

Dear you..

Thank are so romantic!hihi

Terima kasih sebab terlalu memanjakan saya dalam hidup kamu.

much love.

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