Thursday, May 12, 2011


thank ALLAH.because no mood,no energy and nobody,finally i completed my questionnaire.lil bit nervous to meet my supervisor tomorrow.i dont know whether i got A or not in his subject.PSM.berserah segalanya.

im clicking the alphabets on my lappy and keep staring to my screen.430am.i cant sleep.tough.

im sitting over here and see you was there.i just keep waiting until you finished with your stuff.but,you cant see me who are waiting for you since morning.gosh.

what i feels now?love?hate this.

i know you were tired.till end.

you hit me.and now i can see you.but you were never see me.again.thank you,love.

sorry because i cried again.not for hate.i cried because i love you so much.

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