Thursday, May 12, 2011

just ok

hey love.yesterday im waiting for you for long night but you were tired.

i just lie on my bed and cant sleep.

however,this morning i woke up and see my watch.already text.admit.

love,this morning,i met my supervisor.alhamdulillah

my questionnaire had a positive reaction by him.APPROVAL.too early as said.just OK.

act,im lil nervous to see my coursework for techno's subject.the weakest is when i saw my coursework.hate.but,unfair because the marks appeared publicize.the id number,the name and the marks shown to others. i dont like that those who has the highest marks,sounds to be proud.for those who has the lowest marks,sounds loser.hurm.

but,love,alhamdulillah because im satisfied what i got.for individual assignment,alhamdulillah.but,for my second test,it was not good.hurm.keep study but the questions was not exist like i wish.and,for my first test,im sick till admitted in the hospital.remember?the result not so sorry,love.

i want to approach you by text,calls but i dont have to.i miss you.

love,im sorry if im hurt you due to my acts,my words.i didn't mean to hurt you.

if you read this,much love.

good nite,love.

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