Saturday, May 14, 2011


hey love.good usual,i woke up and go to toilet.spinning.

yesterday,i cant log in into my diary online.grrrr..there's something goes wrong with this blogspot.WTH.

owh,today i made fried rice.yesterday i made sardin,telur dadar and cabbage.before that,i made seafood tomyam.delisious.walaweh!but,you must be not interested to try my handmade cuisines right?ok.fine.

owh, thanks for short conversation.too short.but i still miss you.hate this.

noticed something.the egoistic between us made a very complicated-ship.haish.i know.a man should have that behavior due to your attitude.what else can i do?i did the same way.

the best damn thing when i feels bored.i hope because that egoistic you revealed is killing me.i know.i have to go.for now,look in.

because im too hurt.


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