Thursday, June 30, 2011

understand me

one thing.i dont know what's going on my life now.ruin in my life.i think a big disaster.haish.i dont think i can be strong in this pretending as well..but,it takes my soul not be lah.

alhamdulillah because i completed my new simcard cash was flying handphone?im just surveyed them.hihi.

dudes,im so weak right now.the problems become nightmare for me,friends,love,studies since last year im trying so hard to make my life back to least for 1 month but it cant be so depressed.

can u replaced my place into you?if you can be so,then i pleased to you.when i have big smile,doesnt mean im happy inside.*breath in,breath out*

pray for me.please babes,please understand me.

pssttt..grammar salah.sentence pun salah.malas nak fikir.bye.

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