Thursday, September 22, 2011

i hate period pain

heyp dudes.good laughs for warning you ya

hari ini hidup dimulakan dengan niat untuk  puasa qada+sunat syawal hari ni.siap dah bersahur.take some oat and milk.after subuh prayer,hurmm..hurrmm..i cant fasting!!!!ok.allah sayang lebih bak kata upin dan ipin.sobsobsob

then,i have a class at 11 am.manufacturing technology.quite tough and hard subject.thus,it's my last semester.i thought i had stomach ache.then,on my way to lab,i realized its all not about stomach ache but it was period pain.i the class,im trying so hard to pay attention while my lecturer,im on the second row from my lecturer.2 it can be?hurm

i pinched out my stomach.serious s**t,im hurt.for long time i didnt got this bloody s**t pain.i want to vomit.but,i hold it.not in the lab.come on.not once but twice.before,i got my lunch : rice and begedil.zzzzzzz.but,i cant fully finished my meal.hurm.

my class finished at 1 rushing.i left wani,kak teha,mouja,and my roomates behind.i got dizzy.i put off my tudung and change my cloths,i ran to the washroom and...and..and...

i vomitted (T.T)..yarrkkssss

those rice and begedil were come out.cis.wasting my RM 2.50.cis.cis.cis.

then im laying my body to my head spinning for while.i asked aju to make me some heat water to relief my stomach or i guess my uterus.swear totally pain.for few minutes, i drank the warm water and kak raudzah gave me some "heat" lotion.fuhh...lega....

at 4 pm, abah salleh asked me to pay my fees.RM 1200++ including wifi,everything's changed.students have to pay off the wifi separate from the academic fee.see.....UMP love their students right?a lots of work to do.demmm

not for that,i need to go to customer service centre; besides the chemical lab activate my wifi,i must to bring the fee's copy to prove that im the one of student who are paid and till then im waiting my password ID.zzzzzzzzz. dont you imagine how far is that?too far for mine.i need to walk while my uterus are not going well.sobs.

conclusion: i hate period pain.till now,my uterus still not fine.would you help me?

tonight, i want try some masker.maybe can relaxing my face and body too.walaweh. laughs for today im so serious.for boys,learn how to be a good man for your wife someday.

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