Sunday, September 18, 2011

moonlight in shah alam

at 1 a.m, me,dayah and nita back from shah alam.obviously i hate shah alam much because always lost in the big city i guess.too much roundabouts and make me spinning over there.i hate shah alam.they requested me to drive along the so damn exhausted.come on.its all about open house.scandalous of dayah.ehemmmmmm.hihi.

i love to see my friends if they were happy too :))

when i saw their faces,i feel something.hurm.yes.something.dammit.the strangers of feelings.

i missed him so much. and much.what else we can do?i met him last night.just few moments for long time without seeing his face.if i knew i'll miss you tonight,i'll declined to meet you.i thought im so strong but i was not.*sigh*

thank you,love.i hope we can be happy eventhough we're in different way now.with the power of ALLAH,i believe in miracle.for now,maybe you'l be happy with that girl :)))

who cares?aieen,see the moonlight and sleep.the suffers has the end point last night.heart,please dont cry.please.i saw his fb then i want wrote on his wall:

love,i love you..swear.

but,i cant.
goodnight peeps.

damn.i cant stop thinking about him.may i need your shoulder?if yes,may i have a hug?am i flirty?errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.i guess so.kehkehkeh