Saturday, September 10, 2011

rainbow cake

this week,my mission is made a rainbow cake.for who?ehem...akmar sarifuddin.act,it's not only me but consist of two of friends.riduan and hazwan too.get dizzy?awkward?

akmar requested for rainbow cake for long time. i dont have any passion to make this cake.uts too complicated.surely,my first impression :) i search due to internet and ask friends for the cake's recipe including zila,alia syahida and anis.i think they are the persons i can  refer as a baker :)

my ex-roomate gave the link then me and riduan discussed for 2 days.haiyyoooo..

we find the supplier shop,buy some stuffs then baked.that cake took hours!! and hazwan accompanied riduan to buy the stuffs and shared the cost.

yeah.i mentioned in previous post,riduan and akmar have biological relationship.cousins.then,a cousin want to make the other cousin and hazwan helped him only :))

 i asked for abah salleh's permission because we need to use the electrical mixer in my house.hoho.dont get wrong.abah salleh was also in the house too,dudes.hihi.but,how to explain, women and men cant work together in the kitchen.but,nvm.riduan said,we baked with love.haha.poddaaahhh

the colouring of the cake was decided by them.haish.when men are baking,we'll get spinning.

they have lunch in my house since the cake was not completed eventhough after 3 hours.i cook sardines, and kangkung.hazwan make telur dadar.zzzzzzzzzzz.what else boys can do?telur dadar.zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

full of joys.swear.they cheered me up.hazwan and riduan remind me about past 10 years since we're kids.hazwan's love story,mine and little bit about riduan.ill miss all the moment when i was in secondary.time running so fast :((

final touch: i used martha stewart's recipe.vanilla frosting.

that tortoise were given by mal aloha to akmar.zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

last night, we celebrated the big girl bandar baru selayang.

cant you see an angry bird was there?


till the day we last met.insyaALLAH.

see you in the next month holiday,guys!

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