Wednesday, September 28, 2011

short notes

starting on my keyboard at 121am.i cant sleep.

i watched a malay movies.3,2,1 cinta.comedy love story.reflected to the last part of the ending,i cried.teardrops for while.i miss my love.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

hell that feelings for now.

prof akhbar gave us 2 assignments.both of them are project group.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.this semester i have PSM,manufacturing design,manufacturing technology then,plus another assignment for strategic the end of the semester we need to submit all those things.hurm.manufacturing technology is the killest subject from now on.why do lecturers love to give us assignments? two weeks,ill go to lab.first lab.haish.

mak aloha called me.hurm.there's something are not going well in KL.maybe ill be back on this thursday evening.abah salleh asked me to take the ticket in evening.i father missed me a lot.cehhhhh.then,i made new entry ya.

for now,i had stomach ache.i need to relief all this pain before i go for my bed.tetiba boleh sakit pulak.tomorrow i got seminar.zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.what the purpose of seminar?gossiping.hahahahahahaa.9am to 1pm.what a boring day ill have tomorrow!

betul cakap orang.kalau usaha macam mana pun,kalau bukan milik kita,memang tak akan jadi milik kita.

eh.tahu tak macam mana nak tukar nama kat fb?kita dah try tapi tak boleh la.maybe trying some new.Noor 'Aieen.could i?

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