Monday, December 5, 2011


im in terminal makmur.searching my 1am.crying while on my way to kuantan.thanks to zila for her help.allah saja hanya mampu membalas budi kamu,sayang.thanks to mira,siti nur aju,dan siti nur umi sebab temankan ke kuantan.hanya allah saja mampu balas budi kalian.

abah salleh sakit.teruk.i texted angah.dont leave abah alone.wait till ill back.maybe im in rush.from pekeliling i will go to HKL alone.maybe by taxi.only my choice.

i cant stop so worried.i wont let anything happened to my dad.

i texted there beside abah salleh for me.

she replied

angah tak akan biarkan abah sorang-sorang macam angah pernah buat kat arwah abang dulu.

can you imagine how sad i am?a sister need me but i cant be there.then,i missed my late brother.i swear.

she keep asking my schedule bus.who's accompanied i alone or whatever.she's like my mom.bubbling at the wrong place.angah informed that maak aloha still crying.owh can i let it happened again?since my late brother,mak aloha rarely crying.till this day,angah said mak aloha crying over.hurmmmmmmm

i got presentation but i close my eyes.
i have FYP but i dont care
i have assgnments that i'd need to submit but i left it behind.
i have a lot of tasks but allah challenged me again.


jejaka keep asking too.ajujut and siti nur umi comfort me.bila kau cuba tabah,tapi bila orang cakap "aieen janganlah nangis" secara drastiknya kau mesti menangis.i'd just blurred for now.i dont what to do.

outside there,still got heavy i let my tears cant control myself while angah keep asking when ill be there.allah,bantulah....

jejaka wait for me just now and i declined.i suggested he going to sleep.he's tired since everyday he's wake up early after subuh.its okeyh.he accompanied me for 5 minutes was good enough even i need more.but what to do.

till now,my tears dropped.people around me just looking and trying to get me.but i said,

i miss my dad.

abah,please get well soon.kejap lagi aieen sampai.tunggu.


mushroom said...

kta doakan abah enn k?
don't stop praying..

bell said...

saya faham perasaaan awak sekarang ni. even orang cakap, "sabarlah, tabahlah, kuatkan semangat", hanya kita yang rasa perit dan kesedihan itu. huhu.


Semoga segalanya kembali baik seperti dahulu. InsyaAllah, jika Allah belum izinkan, pasti takkan terjadi.

Doakan yang baik2 sahaja.