Saturday, December 17, 2011


letih saya tak buat apa pun since dari malam khamis.leher sakit sebenarnya.tak mampu bersandar.mungkin kerja kat lab tu buat saya macam ni.nevermind.bila fikir sakit,fikir ombak rindu.sabar aieen.sabar.kehkehkeh.

rehat.tidur,borak dengan jejaka lama-lama sambil baring lepas tu tertidur.kehkehkeh.sumpah.saya sangat penat bila fikir manufacturing technology tu.subject itu memang membunuh.i put trustworthy,effort,honest and love while doing that project.milling,turning,scoop and toolbox.i do love these projects but im so...exhausted.


i want marks that meet out efforts.thats why i need to complete them perfectly.bukan lepaskan batuk di tangga saja :)

i love manufactured product,doing by ourselves.its cool.seeing your efforts on that products and you may proud of yourself :)

after made them, i asked jejaka.i know, steel and manufacturing are his world.sometimes, i learnt something but you know a girl.hard to that alone without a man.huhuhu.

nevermind :)

i need to complete my tasks before friday.then i will heading to my family,my friends,celebrate my along's birthday and of course,meet him too.owh.nervous.nervous.while typing,imy hands get wet.kehkehkeh.meeting.not a dating okeyh :p

he comfort me crying because of all my tasks.a lot of pressure.he keep asking me to complete them first before going to KL.*sigh* he loves bubbling.aiyakk.abah salleh matter how, my abah always remind me taking my excuses.and yesterday he said something,

abah rindu ain letteww

mestilah.nama pun anak.balik cepat.siapkan kerja cepat.lepastu masakkan sardin untuk abah.

*im missing home.always*

dont worry.abah is still my top priority.much love for him.

jejaka sang for me yesterday.lots of fun.he's trying to be the secondhand serenade's know how much i love secondhand serenade?too much!

he said.

im expressing my feelings through this.listen.

your call- secondhand serenade comforted.thank you.

eh.continuing my lab report!ok bye.

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