Wednesday, December 21, 2011


21st December 2011.previous years im so dont totally lost while opened my ASUS and looked into calendar.whispering, it's already 21st December! time running so fast.

promising to myself, i wont let myself turn into lack.full of sorrows,sadness and's jerk life that i hate most.relax. i may control this.insyaallah.

let bygones be bygones.i dont need my past life ;))

this week like a disaster.presentations.prototype.financials.haish.along called and told me that we're heading to holiday..i feels kill her!she supposedly tell me earlier because i just bought ticket for this week.on friday.i need to go back on thursday.gggrrrrrrrr.abah salleh called me yesterday and requested me to back earlier.i know..he misses me a lot.kehkehkeh.

awak,happy birthday!

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