Thursday, December 22, 2011

last lectures

im so emosional today.felt like my half is walkaway.yesterday is my class for my 4th years lectures.almost 4th years :))

i wanna crying.seeing daddy in the lab.i saw lab.milling,turning machines that killing me,solidworks,metals,assignments, lecturers, classes,friends,and everything.all the moments are in mind.if you're in final year,final semester and your final day,you'll be understand those feelings.its hurts.i dont leave them but time enforced me to do that.

you make friends,you break up with friends,you have love,you lost love, irritating,annoying person, fierce, no hearts, underestimate,misunderstanding, eyebag, laughs,joys,sadness,mad, copying assigments, copying quiz-ing, copying test (s),presentations and  evrything you put in my degree's year,it needs lotssssssssss of diaries to write about.

i saw my roomates.they are sleep well again on their roomates, i have only few days to see you laying on the bed.ajujut, kak raudzah,siti nur umi.nevermind.sleep tight and i will missing you guys. completed my student's life ;))

i will missing them.yes,you.i will missing you,friends.emosional?i guess so.huhuhu.

eh.kejap lagi makan spaghetti ye.huhhu

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