Friday, December 2, 2011

nescafe punya hal

i called zila.she didnt pick up my call.i need some caffein to restore my energy.her white coffee.intentions, to stay up and doing some analyzing data  for my chapter 4 in FYP report.what else to so busy.2 days, i had critical headache cause i cant clearly thinking what i've done.since last two days,i've got a nescafe.then till now im still headache and got stomach ache :(( hurts.

for a cup of nescafe, i went to hospital for my gastric purpose last March.a gastric patient cant fully her stomach with caffein.zzzzzzzzzzzzz.come caffein lover.i may sacrifice anything to get one.and, since that time,i didnt take any nescafe.but,yesterday i killed myself cause i had daddy's test.manufacturing design.i cant recalled what i've read because the headache.but,since i close my eyes and try to relate what im learnt before,im answered that laughing in the hall but at the same moment,dizzy.kepala betul-betul terhuyung hayang.tak tipu :((

just now,i get some rest.dun have any mood since daddy's 9 pm, i got my nap till 11pm butttttt there's something weird on my maxis phone!

he's called mean another him.errrr......iya.iya.the ex-boyfie.haish.he gave me a call then explained something.he said just dont worry.he paid.the amount is soooooooooooooooooo HUGE!and i said not excited.just feels that i talked with the strangers.he's not the enemy but a friend who i was still respected.honestly,i feels not hating him and i dun know where's the love i gave to him in's disappeared.i dont know where.dont ask me.yeah,he's my memory and i need to move on.

i told him once in past.whatever is happened between us,we're and no.and the memory need to be deleted.not for me but for ours :)

thanks mr nice and success.

eh.mouja called me too.asking for outing tomorrow.ombak rindu movies.but i money in the purse is less than could i jolly or happy?insyaALLAH i can survive.malu nak mintak duit kat parents lagi :(

im sorry guys.bukan sebab nak tengok cerita tu dengan jejaka tapi sebab terpaksa berjimat :)

eh,today jejaka called me more than 7 lab,in class,at room :)) eh.macam orang angau saja.i cant stop smiling again.he's spent his time with friends.probably,he's tired for this night.actually,i want tell him what i did today but its okeyh.after subuh hope he'll call me.i f not,it's okeyh too ;)

now,edited my chapter 3.alhamdulillah.hope ill be doing fine for my FYP.headache come again.i need to go.goodnight!

to you,dont have someone who love u the most.more than i did before :)


mushroom said...

hmm. a sense of responsible has come.
dats great. happy when u're happy.


aieen kacak said...

i do love you ya.thansk a there for me :))

mushroom said...

haha. luv u too babe. sure. tell me when u need me.

aieen kacak said...

hihihi.white coffe masih tak minum lagi ;))

kenyit mata laju-laju mehhh