Tuesday, January 31, 2012


i was skype-ing with him last 2 days.through webcam,i saw something in his hands.small and rectangular shape and there's a name on it.a name that usually i heard.

did you miss him?


i saw his eyes and tears will be dropped in anytime.then,i changed our topic as well.ibu told me before, jejaka is so sensitive when people asking about his father.and,i do understand about that.that's why during my dad was sick,i rarely tell him.maybe i cant feels the feelings and i decided not to talk so :"(

he's mysterious.he's hard to tell me the history about his life and family.ibu were preferred told me everything.hurm.did he's suffered? *chuckle*

he preferred in that way.and im in :)

since we're friends,im trying so hard to be nice and care about his feelings.he did to me.the way he treat ibu's feelings,that i received too.he knows the pain,mad,suffered that i faced before.and he never stop to support me as well as he did :)

i have my own way.

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