Wednesday, February 1, 2012

birthday.23rd years old just an odd number

alhamdulillah.finally i can upload this picture.fuhhhhh..*broadbad cracked*

a big thanks to my lesbo partner: akmar sarifuddin because she's bought this lovely cake for me and riduan.17th january and 16 january.

and,riduan and akmar just remind me earlier.i thought that night will become our ordinary dinner.because we're always hang out together and make some gossips,laugh,crazy.without any cake,celebrates or whatsoever you too naive and blurred on that night *face palm*

riduan..did you pay everything?i got my special chicken chop and a glass of I KISS YOU juice.what kind of the name?haha.

thank you honey.thanks.and thank you to nurul hairunnisa too.perfect friends to be laugh should see how she laugh and i may laugh too.kehkehkeh.i did several times.because the way she laugh is sooooooo funny.hihihi

for now,i got flu and fever.a best combination during my holiday.and now i got headache.cehhhhhhh

within 2 hours,i'll my ex classmates when im in primary school.zulaika and hamizah.insyaALLAH.seems long time no see their faces.and we'll meet another ex classmate.farahin :)

the big spectacles?belongs to riduan.that rainbow cake?too delicious.kehkehkeh

am i too nerd?please dont say that not the a

or you're trying to say my face is like that shin chan?

ggrrrrr life is become more peaceful.


Hany Anny said...

aiennnn..comelnye kek!! neway,hepy belated bufday. ;))

aieen kacak said...


Hany Anny said...

same -same kasih. :)