Friday, February 3, 2012

sick again

im not feeling well today.fever and flu still accompany by side.i cant throw them easily.hurm.redha and take it :)

supposedly,im going to UMP today and sent out my thesis after doing my corrections and binding them.there's two choices.sent out by myself or not convinced to post the thesis.its totally my heart,my soul that i put on it.if anything happened and the thesis cant be on prof's hands,ill be killed myself.haish.

i asked mira but she's still worrying about her rent house in time
asked caca and she agreed.but sick :(
jejaka wants be my partner too but i declined.klang,gombak and kuantan.too far.unnecessary things.he could be stay in his house and enjoying his holiday.i know...ibu misses him too.ibu gave the permission to us but i declined it because..because...ibu need him more than me :)

since i got fever,jejaka worried like im in,yesterday i got minor accident.relax.only minor because the brake is not well work.i fell down but no bleeding.nothing bad happened yesterday.nothing.that happened in rainy day.ermm..heavy raining.

ibu texted me.grrrr..jejaka told her i family?do not know.because its totally a minor 23 years old.good enough to independent by myself :)

since 4 days,im sick,i've go to my bed early.before 11.thanks jejaka.calling and care of me even we're far apart.yesterday,he kept calling me and accompanied me till i fall slept.if im not mistaken, 4 voice turned to rough.i cant breath well.need to sleep with double pillows.not laying on my bed,im sit :)

thank ok now.

jejaka,thank you.remind me about my solah :)

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