Monday, March 26, 2012

i hate this monday


i dont have any mood for today.the whole day was suck.i hate monday.everything was not in the right.turned me up into the craziest monday.i hate today.i hate.

GMP consultant was here when im totally stuck with our machines.packaging machine was realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy &*^&^%^.ok fine.i dont know the suitable words to use in this situation.last week, those machines were repaired,and functioning as usual.just after the technician took his job and i learnt from that.inhale and exhale with calmed takes 4 days!

im not okay when im stuck packaging machine.
im not okay when packaging machine smells burning.
im not okay when GMP's consultant came over here and auditing
im not okay when GMP's consultant looking the mistakes that we're not doing.
im not okay when im looking the old form that we're gonna use.
im not okay when i knew that too much forms that im not ever seen.
im not okay when plastic packaging being like &#(!!!#&!_#*_~!_# 
im not okay when shrinkage tunnel is too hot.affected the bottle.
im not okay when i looked the rejected products.i feel guilty.
im not okay when the factory manager is missing and kak raudzah and me take the responsibilities.

i cant avoid to tell relying on kak raudzah too if we're talked about machines and works.she's more particular than sensitive with the works while im really need her,seriously,im appreciated her when we find solution to fix the &^&%&$)))_! problem.and i need her.she helped me a lot :")

im not not so damn exhausted.i need spa treatment.huhu.

jejaka,thank you being there for me.calm and mind is zero.when typing this entry,im lying on my bed,straighten my body and put my asus lappy on my of the treatment i need for tonight.hihi

Greatest of ALLAH,im seek the forgiveness and mercy.blessed me and i need the strength to complete this.

owh ya.dapat banyak pengajaran untuk hari ini.orang akan lebih mendengar kata bila kita mengeluarkan percakapan dengan suara yang rendah.orang kata diam lembut tapi menang.and im the winner.kehkehkeh


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