Tuesday, June 5, 2012

sedih mengecewakan perasaan.


im in crying inside.i cant control those tears.fall and disappeared on my baju kurung :( im totally upset.cried in this office alone.hurm.maybe im not in good mood.

if you read my blog since last week,you'll knew my hectic week.

monday-thursday im in PD
friday-saurday im in JB
sunday- i woke up on early morning and sent out my parents to airport.

im weak. while this entry is writing,i have my industrial log book to week my SV will come here and evaluate me and kak raudzah.nervous

im crying.

angah and along were insane.they called mak and abah in vietnam.and...pushed me up to go to kedah.but, they want go to penang and hatyaai too.i hate this situation.i want go to sai's brother wedding.wanna bring jejaka too because already to promise to her.and jejaka.....jejaka was full with excitement when i told him to go to meet him plus that wedding. 

my niece and nephew are going to make their new pssport.of course they are excited.going new places and gain joys and cheerfulness ;)

my body is not going,i had little menstrual pain.

i want my body ready for any evaluation next so weak.

i dont want go anywhere.sty here and completed my wok is my target..duhhhh...everything is spoiled.

till now,i feel guilty.i dont know what to do ;"(

my mind and body need energy to smile again.

IMY,jejaka :(

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