Saturday, July 6, 2013

Berjubah dan bermelayu

Arini mengada sangat tau itteeww..itteeww jumpa jejaka lelaju tapi jammed :-(  so tak boleh drive laju la.hihi

I miss him so badly.i need a friend to laugh with.and,he is the best choices.

I was underpressure today.then we met and he let his ears.i felt calm for while.seriously.he is good listener in our relationship compared with me :-)

Dia lelaki budiman :-)

I think I lost him.might be not.because he still beside me.ngehngehngeh

Yayang..thanks for made my night and my effort is worth more than everything.thanks again :-)

Owh ye.harini hari jumaat I wore jubah and he wore his baju melayu.our eid 2012 memories remain.

masa makan tadi tanya jejaka.we watched tv3 news.

Me : Yayang...cuba teka nama ketua polis negara siapa.jangan toleh kat tv okkkk!!

jejaka: Hurm.hurm.nik aziz la ketua polis negara.

me : =.=!!!! Menyampah cakap dengan dia.zzzzz

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