Monday, January 9, 2012

very thankful

tomorrow is the big day for semester will begin starts from i sad.yes i going missing him.a man always make me laugh :(

last night and tonight,jejaka asked me for looking moon.beautiful.i looked outside and yes,the moon was beautiful.we saw the same moon even we're far apart.

i got new messages in fb.friends,i meas girlfriends said im too strong.actually,that words touched my heart and i took them as positive reaction.thanks giving me chance to live happily with love.with him.with hers.and of course with more.people out there,for your information,im not "kekwat".im friendly.may able talk with anybody.BUT,i had one not easier to approve all the strangers who are adding me on fb's account.sorry.

i cut off my hairs.become short.too not sad because i feels free on my head.i love my long hair but i think it's good to change my new looks for new year.very very very short hair now.finally,i cut them.

i feel s starts missing him tonight.errrr...perhaps my hormone was instability.duhhhhhh..jiwang apa ini?zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Kalau kita nak jadi baik, insyaAllah Allah akan hantarkan orang yang baik2 utk kita.
-Wardina Safiyyah-

bell aka nurnabilah mahabar (mt bestfriend in matrix life) send me the still searching barakah in a relationship.i said twice.i hate "coupling" terms.good enough said as he is a man im comfortable with.and,im comfortable with jejaka as well :) am i harsh?zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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