Thursday, March 15, 2012

why do british english exist?


lately ni saya asyik demam waktu malam.balik kerja,akan berborak dengan jejaka for few hours and then i fall sleep.while jejaka taking his dinner,i texted jejaka my condition.he's accompanied me and till i overslept.he's worried but i told him not to do not taking paracetamol or whatever pills that can cure me.i know it's will harm my body for next i don't.

yesterday,i went to KPMG Tower again.for halal purpose for my practical company.a chinese company from China was given their talk.generally,it's all about entering market,consultancy,exhibition in China.i am 75% interested in.the rest,im playing games.kehkehkeh.technically, input about economic and opportunities was there.yes.i learnt new things again.when i was in University,i thought it was so easy to understand but when im getting myself into this food technology company,it's totally uneasy things.phewwwwwwww

i'll interested if im going to China.kehkehkeh.

owh sitting beside my boss while kak raudzah beside me.i wrote my notes and taking some pictures.maybe for my presentation for in the end of my boss asked me to write anything that crucial for our references.but...........................................did you know.....i let my ears for 300% to focus when Rebecca's not familiar with China's slang.duhhhhh...however,i did understand their english
but some other words i didnt.huhuhuhu.she seems comfortable used British english.


parts sounds like pars.
people sounds like popol

haiyooooo...there's few words.please imagine how can i survive for almost 45 minutes her talk?huhuhuhuhuhu.

im going to take my bath.take care.

* im praying for your happiness and your soon marriage,friend.i know you are strong enough.engagement relationship is full with obstacles,fears and pains.i do praying for you dear
-dedicated to my bestfriend in primary school who are shared her birthday with me :")

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