Friday, April 13, 2012



i dont have any passion to do this or that.went back lately to home was mind,my body,my arms,my tired.superbly tired.

me and jejaka were quarreling for while.maybe im too damn tired and im,i had menstrual phase for this whole week.gonna be SHREK.jejaka keep silently and i am crying.i cried not for that something reason but there is no reason i cried.women are weird.tears easily fall last night.i want him beside me.bear me.shares and listen while i bubbling.i need him last night because im too sensitive.alhamdulillah.quarreling for while because he need to knows how bad i am.not looking for the good one.i am bad.that is the process to us.i learnt new things about him.wonderful and cheerful.

about work,me and kak raudzah for the first time we work out together to ensure all the process of the carbonated drinks was doing worried but kak raudzah much stronger.setting up all the craziest machines drove me into in.i love them but they were make me wrist hurting.i need massage.can you?

lying on my bed again.mak aloha wanted me take my dinner but i declined again.i dont have any neck hurts too :( am i going older?huhu.within 2 weeks, i promised to myself to reduce my calories inside of my body.for breakfast,i took 1 cup of oat,i teaspoon of gamogen.lunch i ate rice,protein and vege and 2 liters water.for dinner,i took a bowl of oat again.that is my diet menus for this month.i felt healthy.weekend, walking for 45 minutes.alhamdulillah.i felt healthy.much healthier because jejaka accompanied me alone :")

now,im too tired.jejaka too.he had migraine again for few worried but i hope he'll back mom also sick.rain falls while i was riding.and now,i'll going sick too.

allah,thank you for all the sickness.alhamdulillah.

my total amount of DIGI is RM0.12 cent but we talk more than 3 hour per day.jimat sangat!

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