Tuesday, October 30, 2012

called from overseas


hai there.ok tak?ececeh.tetiba tanya kesihatan memasing kan, far,im good mood.seriously in good mood.totally changed my mood

ok-ok...1stly nak cerita pasal kerja.ok.kerja dan dan ada yang tak sebab dikelilingi dengan manusia yang bercakap bahasa inggeris.then,i can improve my english.i knew jacelyn,kenzy,philips,mats and just hired by tamarind management office which i need to settle up for those tenant that couldnt pay out their maintenance fees.yes.i need update their account but for now, i didnt have to.there's internal problem that i cant write here ;) pressure?500% pressure.

1st day i started,jacelyn paid me for lunch.burrppp.alhamdulillah.bila orang belanja,haruslah makan sikit kan.on diet even tak tahu bila kurus.jejaka said,no need become thin because since 1st day he met me, he saw a girl with her chubby face.zzzzzzzzzzzzz  ;)

i was hired by the committee over there then after new management will come in,i will work for them.yes.YTL company.cement and concrete management.dont screwed difficult to explain.however, im glad because i do have that job.for basic salary?okaylah.not far from my house,no tolls  and of course i go the office by car.still trauma about motorcycle accident i experienced before ;(

jejaka,zila,sai and parents keep message and calls in my lunch break.ceh.

dont just doing my work and waits for YTL company.

tadi ada kes seorang dato' datang di office.of course la ada masalah sikit.tapi saya pelik sebab tibe-tibe orang dalam office ni chaos.tapi saya buat tak tahu je.bila dato' tu sampai ada layanan VVIP pulak.tapi saya buat dek je sebab bukan kerja saya.sebab sebelum tu saya ada bercakap dengan dato' tu pasal masalah apa entah.kira saya cuba selesaikan sikit masalah dia.we talked on the phone.tapi bila dato' tu datang office seriously semua orang macam kelamkabut sangat.then,mats tanya saya.

'aieen,you dont know who is dato' zainuddin?that dato' in front of me just now??

im familiar with that name but im forget.

dato' zainuddin is one of the director of proton.

what????????????why you didnt tell me?argggghhhhhhh.

and then,just now.................i got a call from odd number.the number i didnt see before.i thought i comes singapore which any companies i applied for interview wasnt!

guess what?

i got a call from HP india!guys!motherland of india!!!!!!!!ok.excited kan.HP.hewlett packard india.owh man.she interested to sent my resume to HP malaysia for an interview.IT position.HP india clicks with HP malaysia and they need to hired somebody to work with!we discussed about salary,experienced, and duties of work.

overexcited.even i didnt go for any interview,but im proud because a person from overseas called me for an interview.and she interested me to hire me as coooolllllllllllllllllllllllll

i told mum.i need her doa as well.seriously,i will give 100% commitment for my work now.

im wearing just now.

my i looking good?wish i can wear it tomorrow in the office

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