Saturday, March 23, 2013

Men from mars.women from venus


Now,i.let myself lying on my bed.calm and peace.straighten my body and close my eyes.wonderful feelings.i left my QA works behind.

In my room,i read a book.title:MEN FROM MARS,WOMEN FROM VENUS.

A book I was searched since 3 years ago.i borrowed from my company.hurm.why my mind told me to do so?

Men and women are told me completely about men behavior and what they thinking out.truth is,i want be the best for jejaka.i dont want make any mistakes like I did before.

Im trying hard to understand jejaka.he is weird.but I love the weirdness.i dont want this relationship sank into the serious with this relationships.but,i realized.the greatest of allah's redha are depends on mom's redha.

Im the youngest and not easy my parents to let me to other man.not easy.not easy.

I told jejaka what I read.what I should do and shouldnt.for now,it synchronized btween me and him.he can accept my past and he wants us together walking through in the.future.and..i wont let him go without any reason.

Just,i hope,my family will realized im not a kid.the best is upon knees to your the not just waiting the right time to make it out.pray for me and jejaka ok!

Jejaka,thanks a lot.i love u.of course I do love u.

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